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oei #92-93: lettrist corpus

New issue of OEI: #92–93: Lettrist Corpus: The Complete Magazines (1946–2016), 512 pages.
This special issue, guest edited by writer, curator and sound artist Frédéric Acquaviva, is the very first comprehensive publication on Lettrist magazines. It describes, shows and contextualizes all issues of all 119 magazines created between 1946 and 2016 in, or in connection to, Lettrism – this vibrant and dynamic French avantgarde movement whose publishing adventures and efforts have, until OEI #92–93, been far too little known.

Paris release tonight at Didier Lecointre & Dominique Drouet (9, rue de Tournon, 75006 Paris)

“lettrist corpus: the complete magazines (1946–2016)” (oei) – lancement @ librairie lecointre drouet (paris)

Sandro Ricaldone

Frédéric Acquaviva (editor)
Lettrist Corpus
The Complete Magazines (1946–2016)
OEI #92-93
512 pages, 2021

site web : OEI editör

La totalité des 119 revues lettristes depuis 1946 (environ 1200 numéros décrits) avec toutes les couvertures reproduites et le sommaire de tous les textes, ainsi qu’une sélection de planches hypergraphiques issues de ces revues.

Didier Lecointre et Dominique Drouet
9 rue de Tournon, 75006 Paris
Tél. 00 33 (0)1 43 26 02 92
e-mail :
Ouvert du mardi au vendredi de 10 h à 18 h 30,
samedi de 10 h à 18 h et sur rendez-vous.
Fermé en août.

“oei” in vienna: nov 21st

On Friday November 21 OEI #66: process/poem (poema/processo) will be presented by Cecilia Grönberg, Jonas (J) Magnusson, Tobi Maier and Fernanda Nogueira at Salon für Kunstbuch, 21er Haus, Arsenalstraße 1, Vienna, 17h – 19h.

OEI # 66: Process/poem (poema/processo)
OEI # 66 is the first substantial presentation outside of Brazil of the avant-garde movement poema/processo (process/poem), launched at the same time, on December 11 1967, in Rio de Janeiro and Natal. Due to pressure from the military dictatorship the movement was brought to a halt in 1972, but several of the initial participants have continued to work up until today (Wlademir Dias-Pino, Neide de Sá, Falves Silva…). OEI # 66 is a 520 pages long montage of images and documents, translations of manifestos and key essays, and interviews and new essays by Fernanda Nogueira, Antonio Sergio Bessa and many others. It also features shorter presentations of three other Brazilian avant-garde movements from the 60s, 70s and early 80s: poesia práxis, poesia marginal and pornismo.
OEI # 66 is edited by Jonas (J) Magnusson, Cecilia Grönberg and Tobi Maier.


nioques, #12 : just subscribe !

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“new wilderness” & more ‘reissues’ @ jacket2


“runbook”, 3ème trimestre

le 3ème trimestre du runbook est téléchargeable >

Diana Chaumontet / Alexander Dickow / Marco Giovenale / Julie Monnet / Olivier Hodasava / Mitsuru Taki / Jean-Jacques Dumont / Laure Calé / Thierry Thoubert / Dominique Quélen / Maud Gilhodez / Renaud Codron / Philippe Annocque / Christian Legendre / Gilgian Gelzer / Marlène Tissot / Christophe Durand-Le Menn / Eric Michel / Yoshie Tokunaga / Alain Cressan / Miho Kajihara / Tony Papin / Natali (mynameisnatali) / Eve Pietruschi / Emmanuelle Etienne / Emilie Perotto / Michaël Delpeix / Alice Roux et Mattia Listowski /

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