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“a few obsidian stones –and langrids”, by mg @ paper view books

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“a few obsidian stones –and langrids”, by mg (paper view books, 2022)

available now @ paper view books

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deiezioni interiezioni interruzioni / differx. 2021

aleatory superimposition of langrids at

per un caso imprevedibile, la stampa di una serie di langrid da si è rivelata caotica, con casuali sovrapposizioni di immagini. che tuttavia assai mi garbano. e le ripropongo qui. in foto minuscole e a bassa risoluzione, e nel pdf da cui sono tratte, anch’esso estremamente sgranato. ma: bene così.

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langrids by differx (2014 – up to now)

I often drawrite “langrids”. A langrid is a grid of language.

I always had in mind Robert Smithson’s A heap of language (1966), or Paul Celan’s Sprachgitter (1959).

In my work, grids and squares and weird geometric shapes collide with pieces of superimposed sentences, asemic bits, other shapes, syllables.

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installances ## i.0138 – i.0149, @ the “scrivere disegnando” exhibit (geneva, jan. 28th, 2020)

installances nn. : ## 0138-0149
type : asemic texts on paper
size : see the captions
records : highres shot
additional notes : hidden
date : Jan. 28th, 2020
time : approx 2:00pm - 4:00pm
place : Geneva, Centre d'Art Contemporain

note: the installance of the 12 pieces has taken place
on the occasion of the exhibit "Scrivere disegnando. Quand
la langue cherche son autre", thanks to Andrea Bellini and
Sarah Lombardi. 


two langrids; three new modules


at otoliths:

– two langrids:

at ex-ex-lit:

modules, #5, in ex-ex-lit dal 22 lug. 2014:

modules, #6, in ex-ex-lit dal 30 lug. 2014:

modules, #7, in ex-ex-lit dall’11 ago. 2014: