two new ebooks @ differxhost: collab works by John Bennett, Matthew Stolte, C. Mehrl Bennett

John M. Bennett – Matthew Stolte_ 2waycollabS_ 2011


John M. Bennett – Matthew Stolte – C. Mehrl Bennett_ 3waycollabS_ 2011

2 new books by Luna Bisonte Prods


LUNA BISONTE PRODS is proud to announce 2 new publications:


By Jim Leftwich,  Márton Koppány

<http://www.lulu. com/browse/ search.php? fSearchData% 5bauthor% 5d=M%C3%A1rton+ Kopp%C3%A1ny& fSearchData% 5blang_code% 5d=all&fSort= salesRankEver_ asc&showingSubPa nels=advancedSea rchPanel_ title_creator>

Márton Koppány and Jim Leftwich’s Book of Numbers is a visual and
conceptual collaboration exploring a “vocabulary of correspondences”
between letters and numbers. The result is a sequence of words, letters,
numbers, patterns, lines, onions, leaves, cayenne peppers, and nails in
wood. It all makes sense, or makes several senses, and the pleasure is in
tracing those senses through the concepts and images they embody.

Book available at:
http://www.lulu. com/product/ paperback/ book-of-numbers/ 18645003

Download at:
https://docs. open?id=0B_ LQDMnQx57QZmYzMz FlMGItZjNjYi00Zj FmLWJiYjktMWE5ZT c3OWE4ZmMz


*By John M Bennett*

John M. Bennett’s The Gnat’s Window shows the evolution of a new form
combining the textual, the oral, the visual, and even the artifactual, as
the pieces can be seen as windows, or televisions, or computer screens. The
poems can be read left-to-right as traditional texts, or up-and-down, or
in-and-out, or in any number of other configurations, and thus have
participatory and even performative dimensions within what at first glance
seems to be a closed form. They are “dreams’ doubled crust” indeed: shaped
and emotional, conceptual and somatic, sparklingly clear, and enigmatic.

Book available at:
http://www.lulu. com/product/ paperback/ the-gnats- window/18165060

Download at:
https://docs. open?id=0B_ LQDMnQx57QNWQyZD A0ZTAtODFjOS00OD kzLThhMDUtM2EwYT UyODc1YWZm