Vassilakis, Notley, Mittenthal, Bernstein, and more: BOOKS!

ricevo e volentieri diffondo :

Dear Friends of Authors, Dear Readers:

The following books and chapbooks will be coming out this spring, 2010:

Nico Vassilakis, Diesel Hand

Robert Mittenthal, Wax World

Barbara Henning, Cities and Memory

Alice Notley, Reason and Other Women

Charles Bernstein, Umbra

Anne Waldman, Matriot Acts

Tenney Nathanson, Ghost Snow Falling in the Void (Globalization)

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You may choose to support the full costs of a book, or various partial costs, or simply to give in any amount you choose. NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL!
In addition, on this page you will also find opportunities to support books by Robert Mittenthal, Nico Vassilakis, and Will Alexander. We will also soon be adding more opportunities to lend your important support to other books by Leslie Scalapino, Jonathan Stalling, Andrew Levy, Joe Amato, Alan Loney, Standard Schaeffer, Mark Weiss, and more.
Thank you for choosing to support a book by one of your favorite authors; thank you for supporting Chax Press.