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informazioni per l’emergenza freddo (e altro) per molte città

shelters & other services for homeless people, migrants, refugees and victims of the “decreto sicurezza”

informazioni per l’emergenza freddo (e altro) per molte città

informazioni per i rifugiati in italia / infos for refugees in italy

INFORMAZIONI PRATICHE E LEGALI DI UTILITÀ IMMEDIATA, vitali per la permanenza in Italia e per fronteggiare la scadenza dei permessi per motivi umanitari.
As you may already know, Italy has stopped issuing humanitarian protection or renewing humanitarian permits. This means that, since the Salvini Decree went into force October 5, 2018, some things have changed. A few important developments:



Need a hand finding someone who can help? You can message Refugee.Info.Italy on Facebook ( and we’ll try to find help near you.