franticham’s assembling box nr. 23


Contributions from:
Vittore Baroni, Italy – Lancillotto Bellini, Italy – Bruno Chiarlone, Italy – Fernando Garcia Delgado, Argentina
Klaus Peter Dencker, Germany – Luc Fierens, Belgium – Franticham, Ireland – Picasso Gaglione, USA
Antonio Gomez, Spain – Klaus Groh, Germany – Mikula Luellwitz, Germany – Emilio Morandi, Italy
Leo Morrissey, USA – Keiichi Nakamura, Japan – Juergen Olbrich, Germany – Benoit Piret, Belgium
Guenther Ruch, Switzerland – Antonio Sassu, Italy – Fritz Sauter, Switzerland – Skooter, USA
Litsa Spathi, Netherlands – Pete Spence, Australia – Carol Stetser, USA


polaroid book: Photographs taken by Franticham in New York

Photographs taken by Franticham in New York in September/October 2011
with various SX-70 type Polaroid cameras from the seventies,
and using PX 70, 100, 600 and 680 from the Impossible Project

60 pages, 15×21 cm.
Laser printing on superfine 118 gr. Mohawk.
Hand bound limited signed edition of 169 copies.
Each copy has an original polaroid on the cover.
50 Euros / 70 US $ / 43 UK Pds.

you can order by email at info [at] redfoxpress [dot] com
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