new issue of “W magazine”

a group reading to launch the new issue of  W magazine

readings by

Donato Mancini
Nikki Reimer
Heather McDonald
Jonathon Wilcke
Tony Power
Tomasz Michalak
Emily Fedoruk
Kim Duff
Cris Costa
Edward Byrne
Michael Barnholden
Sonnet L’Abbé

Friday March 12, 2010
W2 Perel Gallery
112 West Hastings
doors 8:00 pm
readings start at 9:00 pm
admission – 5$ includes a print copy of W2010
free admission without magazine
(no one will be turned away )

W2010 features poetry and fiction by Jonathon Wilcke, Nikki Reimer, Tony Power, Tomasz Michalak, Donato Mancini, Heather McDonald, Tiziana La Melia, Reg Johanson, Scott Inniss, Ray Hsu, Emily Fedoruk, Kim Duff, Cris Costa, Stephen Collis, Edward Byrne, Michael Barnholden, Anne Ahmad and Sonnet L’Abbé.

Edited by Anne Ahmad, Stephen Collis, Kim Duff, Emily Fedoruk, Donato Mancini, Tomasz Michalak, and Tony Power.

W2010 is published both in a limited edition print run, and as a free pdf downloadable from the KSW website. The pdf will be available online on March 12.


“W2010 announces a new formation—both for the magazine and the Kootenay School of Writing. KSW, the more venerable of the two, is 25 years old this fall; W is ten. A new collective structure is in place for the School: a cluster of semi-autonomous yet intersecting “pods” (or “cells” if you prefer a more radical conception), each with its own projects or “areas of influence” (readings / pedagogy / publication, etc). W2010 begins a new conception of the magazine as an annual: this first issue gathers work from the present collective (or perhaps we should now say collectives) written this year; future annual issues will be announced with a themed call, for which work will be gathered and published on-line over the course of the year (see below for the call for the next issue). We hope work will be written dialogically as an issue accumulates: an initial selection of material will be posted, and then responses / extensions / contestations /emendations, etc, as they come; at the close of a year/issue, a print run of at least a “selection” of the year’s material will ideally then be issued.

The work in W2010 might surprise some familiar with the magazine and the School. For starters, there is some fiction here. We are doing our cultural work at a time of unprecedented pressures, as the “long neoliberal moment” (to borrow Jeff Derksen’s phrase)  grinds on, responding to the current market crisis not by a return to some sort of neo-Keynsean economics, but rather, with bailouts for the rich and amped up privatizations. Meanwhile the public sphere—already just a pool of faint light beneath one last sputtering streetlamp—seems set to finally wink out altogether. In Vancouver, this has a lot to do with the Olympics, its hundreds of new security cameras, its 1 billion dollar security budget, and its “safe assembly areas” (outside of which we can imagine the majority of the city as an “unsafe assembly zone”). Beside this we have the provincial government’s concerted efforts to privatize, expropriate, expel, and otherwise suppress a still-vital cultural sector. In such an environment, we feel it is essential to broaden and strengthen affinities, working towards something of a cultural front to face “a world that seems to hold together only through the infinite management of its own collapse” (The Coming Insurrection 7). From deep in the collapse, we reach out.”

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the poetics of space: feminist writers in dialogue

Sina Queyras
Lydia Kwa
Emily Fedoruk

Thursday February 25
Rhizome Cafe
317 East Broadway
7:00 pm – early start time!
admission 3 – 5 $ sliding scale

*co-produced by the Kootenay School of Writing and the On EDGE series*

A poetry reading followed with a panel discussion moderated by Meredith Quartermain

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