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alleluia / jim leftwich, jukka-pekka kervinen. 2006

[r] _ peter ganick: a first little list of links


EPC page


Xexoxial Editions:




a collab with Rosaire Appel:


from “ad infinitum” (collab P.G. / differx), 2011-12:

note on himself, in Otoliths (2016):
Peter Ganick published Potes & Poets Press and A.BACUS between 1980 and 2000. Then he worked with Jukka-Pekka Kervinen on various online enterprises like white sky books. He is a piano instructor in his 43rd year of continuous teaching. He is now mostly concentrated on visual art, but retains his love for the written/printed word.


jay & kristine snodgrass: some collab pieces


all the pieces:
(C) Jay & Kristine Snodgrass
the last one:
(C) Kristine Snodgrass

two images from “sfounke olive”, a collab chap by jim leftwich, john m. bennett and matthew stolte

sound rituals / jim leftwich, bill beamer. 2017

sound ritual number 45

ti on anines how many damp
9 Art 9, , 331 i ific nineteen
ance of the sscusses fragrant
 the sign ere essential ticks
to d Duc p the art of maham cart
kinappropriad kidnapped
 gart in the agduerepro mayhem
ti c on DuchaMa melp r cel Dupont
, Fra Marcel the signifier
, 19 society, the grown trance 
Manychamp the nine tie on

​november 2017​


sound ritual number 46

leaks change and​ parcel face​
shape tub valves​ minnow snap​
raucous what​ wink pillow​
 tho fan pire​ mantic surf​
the rise of​ the serif​
serf o man​ pyre fanatic​

pillcep win​ that faucets​
win ow cap​ values rubs cape​
place Marcel​ in chance beaks​

november 2017

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a collab + new pieces by differx @ otoliths #47

Texas Fontanella & differx :

Arte MOLTO povera, II :


2 collabs / peter ganick & differx. 2016

“smears” / jim leftwich + bill beamer. 2017


glyphix 1 & 2 / a collab collab by bennett, leftwich and baron

differx + collabs @ otoliths #43


7 pieces by differx

Jim Leftwich & differx collab:

Peter Ganick & differx collab:


collab series / jim leftwich, texas fontanella. 2016

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rawrenok #1

rawrenok 1