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farewell to david-baptiste chirot

It’s impossible for me to say how sad I feel in reading now that artist and friend David-Baptiste Chirot has passed away.

We started talking, and exchanging works via the net, in 2006-2007, if I’m not wrong.
He’s been contributing for years to my blogs, like, and free online editions (like differxhost: or gammm: or slowforward:

Farewell, David. I’ll go on admiring your works and sharing them.


See more in several sites and blogs (issues of Otoliths, e.g. —to name one. And…):


My work is guided by a profound faith in the Found, everywhere hidden in plain



scribd | differxhost (2009-2013)

SCRIBD differx_host_ed
01__John Martone_ A Deciphering_ 2009
02__Biagio Cepollaro_ Disassembled polyptych_ 2009
03__Luca Zanini_ Frammento_ 2009
04__D.-B.Chirot_ Killer Chrome_ 2009
05__Jim Leftwich-A.Topel_ Concept_ 2009/2010
06__G.Evason__Six drawings, four paintings_2009/2010
07__Jim .Leftwich__9 texts from Six Months Aint No Sentence_2011
08__Rosaire Appel__The metabolism of rugs_2009-11
09__Peter Ganick__} Erlebnis_ 2011
10__Jim Leftwich_ Six Months Aint No Sentence (Book 3)_ 2011
11__J.Bennett – M.Stolte__2waycollabS__2011-12
12__J.Bennett – M.Stolte – C.Mehrl Bennett__3waycollabS__2011-12
13__Bill DiMichele__Dark Matter__2011
14__Sarah Edwards_ Harmon-ies(Brokehn)Cracked_ 2012
15__Peter Ganick_ CCI00000_ 2012
16__Tim Gaze_ poetry or pictures_ 2013
17__E. Samigulina – Y. Ilyushchanka_ male-female project_ 2013