Chiara Barzini: “Sister stop breathing”

Calamari Press is pleased to announce the release of a debut collection of short fictions by Chiara Barzini: SISTER STOP BREATHING. The book is available now through Small Press Distribution (& soon from Amazon) & also as an Ebook:

Chiara will be in NYC for the next month doing a number of readings to launch the book:
• Jan 21 at KGB Bar with Daniel Long, Michael Bible, Tao Lin & Giancarlo DiTrapano
• Jan 23 at Unnameable Books with Kate Schatz & Iris Smyles
• Feb 3 at 192 Books with Frederic Tuten
• Feb 13 at Franklin Park with Ben Marcus, Martha Southgate, Kate Zambreno & Will Snider

In other Calamari news:
— SPD is currently offering 40% off their 2011 bestsellers, including books by Gary Lutz, David Ohle & Blake Butler
— most of the Calamari titles are now available as PDF Ebooks
— the latest issue of Sleepingfish is complete & online:
— Ark Codex ±0 will be launching at the end of March, with 2 parties in NYC: | |

Vincent Standley’s book : from Calamari Press

Calamari Press is pleased to announce the publication of A MORTAL AFFECT by Vincent Standley. To find out more about the book or to get a copy, go to:

In other news:

  • DIVORCER by Gary Lutz is at the printer & should be available by Oct. 1.
  • SLEEPINGFISH is now considering submissions for its next issue (X), which is online & ongoing. So far works by Vincent Standley, Gary Lutz & Miranda Mellis have been posted:
  • Many of the Calamari Press titles are now available as eBook (PDF), for those so inclined.