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foto dal workshop del 7 luglio 2021, all’istituto svizzero di roma





differx @ the 2011 bury text festival

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note 2012 sulla partecipazione all’edizione 2011 del bury text festival (bury, manchester, uk)

Alcune annotazioni del 2012 sulla mia partecipazione all’edizione 2011 del Bury Text Festival ( Una descrizione dettagliata, in inglese, qui:
(in pdf qui:

2011, mg @ bury (manchester): texts


“three layers”, by mg, @ the text archive blog

Thanks to Tony Trehy for asking me to write about my participation in the 2011 edition of the Bury Text Festival. And thanks to Susan Lord: here’s the piece,

Also – as a pdf – here:


a national text archive




Tony Trehy: Preparing for the next Text Festival weekend


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the first text I’ve read @ the Bury Text Festival, Apr. 30th, 2011


alcune foto dal Bury Text Festival, 2011

Welcome to the Text Festival

Welcome to the Text Festival

The Text Festival in Bury is an internationally recognised event investigating contemporary language art (poetry, text art, sound and media text, live art). Opening on 29 April 2011, the next Festival will be its third manifestation and run into July.

Against the background of global stylistic multiplicity, the use of language spans many artforms and may even be a unifying field of enquiry, a new definition and a new field of international linguistic art practice and dialogue. The Bury Festival is the leading focus of language in 21st Century art.

The Festival specialises in experiments, in new experiences, in performances and exhibitions that mix artforms in ground-breaking combinations that challenge traditional language art boundaries and offer artists a forum for dialogue and exchange of ideas.



Ron Silliman (USA), Satu Kaikkonen & Karri Kokko (FIN), and Phil Minton’s Bury Feral Choir:


Festival Opening

Festival Opening

Featuring Exhibition openings and performances

@ Bury ArtGallery& Museum

Saturday 30th April 2011 / 11.00am

A celebration of visual poetry, sound, video and conceptual art with three Festival exhibitions and performances by international language artists from North America and Europe.

New works, installations and unique special commissions by Ron Silliman, Pavel Büchler, Derek Beaulieu, Tony Lopez, Geof Huth, David Osbaldeston, Holly Pester, Liz Collini.

Performances, inpromptu interventions and spontaneous outbursts by Márton Koppány, Marco Giovenale, Sarah Sanders, Helen White & Moniek Darge, Derek Beaulieu, Helmut Lemke and Hans Specht – from letters poetically blown from a balcony to conversations written on arms, remarkable readings and irrational sibyls-spreading action.



TextFestival 2011: working…

The Team working hard on continuing installations

Helen White