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“manipulating light can induce psychedelic experiences – and scientists aren’t quite sure why” &

From Jan E. Purkinje’s documentation of the subjective visual phenomena he saw when he waved his hand in front of his closed eyes. Author provided: see

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cts ryan on the cut up technique

in chiesa per un viaggio con gysin e burroughs

One of Belfast’s oldest former churches has been transformed into a powerful new immersive art experience.

Carlisle Memorial Church has become the latest venue in the UK to host a giant version of Brion Gysin’s Dreamachine, where audiences lie back and close their eyes for a performance of sound and white light.


till Sept. 4th !

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the third mind / burroughs – gysin. 1978


three images from “alarme”, by brion gysin


flicker / nik sheehan. 2009

The flicker effect was identified by the famously independent-minded scientist W. Grey Walter in his best- selling 1953 book The Living Brain.
Grey Walter – who was soon to become the father of Artificial Intelligence – discovered that by using high-powered stroboscopes and experimenting with trigger feedback techniques where the flash was set to fire in synchronization with the brain’s rhythms, the brain is, “transformed temporarily to a different sort of brain.” Walter found that time itself could become lost or disturbed. As he observed of one subject:

“[He had] the sense of having been pushed sideways in time by flicker. Yesterday was no longer behind, and tomorrow was no longer ahead..”

Stroboscopic light, or light flashing on the eye between 8 and 13 flashes per second, induces alpha wave activity in the brain – a state normally associated with dreaming and creativity. Subjects often report seeing shapes and colours, some have full-blown hallucinations, others mystical experiences. Approximately one in 4,000 people will have an epileptic seizure.

In 1997, ten million Japanese schoolchildren, and some adults, tuned into the animé cartoon Pokemon to see a “flashing explosion with high frequency red and blue flicker stimulation” hit the screen and persist. What happened next sparked international headlines. Some viewers went into a trance-like state, as if hypnotized. Others experienced altered vision and shortness of breath. Some passed out, others had seizures. Hospitals all over Japan received admissions, though nobody was permanently damaged.



recordings 1060-1981 / brion gysin. 1995

with brion gysin in paris (from genesis p’orridge’s lost uk-archive)

songs / steve lacy, brion gysin. 1981

marrakech / brion gysin. 1955

Marrakesh, circa 1955, Ink and paint on paper, 50 x 37 cm

Courtesy October Gallery (London)

brion gysin: dream machine [and much more] at the new museum / james kalm. 2010


antonio syxty legge brion gysin

notes in the beat hotel / brion gysin. 1962



recensioni recenti a “scrivere disegnando” (ginevra) + proroga della mostra

Quand la langue cherche son autre
@ Centre d’Art Contemporain, Genève

it will be open until the 23rd of August

Curators : Andrea Bellini and Sarah Lombardi
Section documentaire : Sara De Chiara
Programme public : Étudiant·e·s Work.Master de la HEAD – Genève
avec la complicité de Pierre Leguillon, artiste et enseignant

En collaboration avec la Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne

* * *

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