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fluxus new york and elsewhere

Sandro Ricaldone

edited by Brigitte Hausmann
essays by Thomas Kellein and Dorothee Richter
Distanz, 2022

After the start in Germany in the 1960s, New York became the hub of decentralized activities of the Fluxus movement; many Fluxus artists lived there either permanently or temporarily, numerous events took place there, and many projects were initiated there worldwide. The key figure was George Maciunas (1931-1978), who had a strong influence on theory, program and aesthetics. The exhibits in the exhibition convey the diverse activities of the Fluxus artists and the great generator of ideas and tireless organizer George Maciunas during the New York period. Most of them come from the estate of the avant-garde filmmaker Jonas Mekas, who was a friend of Maciunas’ and ended up in the Noartcollect via the Merrill C. Berman Collection.