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Geoff Smith’s preface (entitled Collecting The New) to the AN AMERICAN AVANT GARDE: SECOND WAVE catalog.

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“Several years ago, on a tour of the Bodleian Library at Oxford University with David Vesey, then Bodleian Librarian, he uttered a truism that, in my own awestruck demeanor in the presence of the great treasures of that great library, had not occurred to me: the reason the Bodley has so many outstanding early volumes is that those books were new when they were first deposited at Oxford. […] The special mission for rare book libraries is to identify these important contemporary works so that we may preserve them for perpetuity in our collections. It would be our vision that hundreds of years from now, when a naive visitor to OSU Libraries wonders how such treasures were amassed, the librarian of that time can blithely say, because we acquired them when they were new.”
“In 2017 alone, the National Archives added 17.1 million digital files (texts, images, sound recordings, and films) to its online catalog.”

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