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if you see something, save something – 6 ways to save pages in the wayback machine
“These saved pages can be cited, shared, linked to – and they will continue to exist even after the original page changes or is removed from the web.”

linklists project

Maybe you’ve already noticed that is posting lists of links.

Here they are (and will be):

Just contribute to this living archive of stuff on line. Send your own list to Slowforward.
(Links to your blogs and sites).

Slowforward has already published links to works of Billy Bob Beamer, Jim Leftwich, differx, Márton Koppány, Crank Sturgeon, Mark Young, John M. Bennett, Tomislav Butkovic.

Slowforward owes the idea of this ongoing project to Jim Leftwich.

And also: support net (neutrality). Spread lists. Store works. Open accounts. Publish stuff on line. Send lists to Slowforward. Publish lists in your personal sites and blogs.

wayback machine

La WAYBACK MACHINE è uno strumento fenomenale di

Permette di tenere (e ovviamente ritrovare) traccia di materiali e pagine in rete, a prescindere dalla persistenza effettiva di blog e siti originari.

Oltretutto è ora anche disponibile come estensione Chrome:

tape transfer / jim leftwich. 2006 (diyfferx @ differxhost, 2014)

pdf file @ slowforward:

pdf file @ slowforward:

new links for some differxhost files | nuovi link per alcuni file differxhost

Because of a system crash in the issuu account of differxhost, I’ve re-uploaded the files @ and slowforward. Here are the new links:
(Per via di un crash di sistema nell’account issuu di differxhost, ho ricaricato i file in e su slowforward. Qui i nuovi link):

01__Roberto Cavallera__Stanza e altro__2010 and/or pdf file @ slowforward
02__Michele Marinelli__Grandi notizie__2010 
and/or pdf file @ slowforward
03__Luca Zanini__Rash__2010 
and/or pdf file @ slowforward
04__Mariangela Guàtteri__Nuovo soggettario__2011 and/or pdf file @ slowforward

(con una nuova pubblicazione):

05__Jim Leftwich__tape transfer__2014 and/or pdf file @ slowforward


I’ve also updated the DIFFERX main (index) page:
take a look at