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floating poetry, meandering mindscape / yahon chang – isang yun (berlin, 29 april 2023)

St. Elisabeth, Berlin Invalidenstraße: Der taiwanesische Kalligraf bemalt eine Leinwand von 15 x 20 Metern zu Musik von Isang Yun. Adele Bitter (Violoncello), Holger Groschopp (Klavier). Werke von Isang Yun: Espace I for Violoncello and Piano (1992), Glissées for Violoncello solo (1970), Shao Yang Yin for Piano solo (1966), Nore for Violoncello and Piano (1964), Studio Yahon Chang, Isang Yun International Society, Hatje Cantz, Bote & Bock / Boosey & Hawkes

hans richter interviewed by cecile starr (1972)

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bice lazzari


Bice Lazzari – La Poetica del segno. Firenze, Museo del Novecento
(fotografie di Luca Venitucci)
Bice Lazzari was born in 1900, she died in 1981.

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pagine estive (o quasi) che vanno bene anche per l’autunno _ (6) anche ad reinhardt nel 1947



anche ad reinhardt nel 1947