grzegorz wróblewski: “shanty town” (post-asemic press, 2022)

SHANTY TOWN, asemic book, published by the “Post-Asemic Press” (Minneapolis, USA 2022):

Shanty Town packs a powerful punch. It stakes you straight through the heart and throws you overboard, only to next moment toss you a life buoy. It’s Grzegorz Wroblewski’s opus magnum, in which he brought together the heart and the mind on a whole new level. I see a world that worries him but nonetheless he manages to draw pure beauty from it. Somewhere in between, a fragile hope for salvation emerges. His own and ours.

— Karina Obara

Rough, unkept, spontaneous and free, Grzegorz Wróblewski’s Shanty Town depicts a blurry world of post-literate indecipherability. With coarsely drawn shapes imposed upon a chaos of asemic writing, this collection is built from the rubble of uncomfortable truths. A triumph of bold writing.

— Dave Read