snowcaps above badwater basin / jim leftwich. 2023

Snowcaps Above Badwater Basin

Neither More nor less
numinous nuance
moonlit nimbus
broken Mantra
north by Various

Unless our Morse code ether
curved bananas
dabbled in doodles
by the Dancing trap to traipse
Beyond the porous iceberg
either way no moral lesson

Give us
The Road tread
gutters mapped
In flooded gaps
read thus
right of Gone way away
erroneously Wrought
Each ear Reading
given gaps to grasp
A story neither
fictional nor Antic
dog suit Gibbous
asparagus Falafel
aubergine Fontanelle
we are Rivers
eaten by ongoing
Deserts Routed Tangential
To our ruts & Tygers
Universal Mind
orbiting itself
pumice loquent ilk Opines
nonobjective if at all
little do we joke koans
hidden in the Lowlights
hydrogen juniper lumping box
juke Heliocentric
moon plight of Vermont
broken Nickels on the Lime

Further on down the
Road Green Fog Gurgles
Bodies blooming in the Desert
Forgotten guard dogs
guru under Demeter
free the Gods & Dance Forged
Manacles grinning suits of
filthy golden Dionysos

drifting frees The River
each error a new way
Each river a new way
rewind the works in ways
resolution in solution
Resolve in solvent
the desert trumpet
flowers by the
ear of SR 190
eat to the beat
by the eye of the road

fog suit dog of the golden gods

find the hoist of freedom
fire hinge hidden
glowing Grift of the gods

By useless
Unless Ulysses
Outside & Ubiquitous
Pisces in a pig of pickleweed
In the year of the Rabbit
In the year of the pupfish
pink oysters
isosceles panic attack
Not the only isomer
of Rimbaud
infinite peregrinations
Until the lizard fish suit
As dark as low tide
Inside the rolling whale

        Are these your seagulls
Eating at the lake?
        are these your pelicans?
salt on the pigeon
salt on a raven
for once in my life
All my thoughts are Vultures
grinning in my lake

Back by way of
A scenic byway
Hydrogen hopscotch
beat to the
book of a
bending drum

January 2023
Death Valley CA