re-issue of ‘tip of the knife’

Re-issue of Tip of the Knife:

On the 3rd year anniversary on August 4th of Bill DiMichele‘s passing, a special and final issue of Tip of the Knife celebrating the Visual Poetry of Bill has been re-issued. This issue includes a curated selection from some of Bill’s numerous series and references to other art and music. It was very difficult for Will and me to choose the work to publish since his body of work is so extensive and diverse. Thanks again to Crag Hill for adding some work from Score (Visual Poetry magazine from the 80s that Crag, Laurie Schneider and Bill co-edited), Burnhole (Bill’s poetry from the 90s) and a multi-media afterward by Crag with some help from Will (production and guitar).

Thanks to Crag for all of his help and for being such a good friend. And thanks to all of the artists who have contributed to TOK over the years. We appreciate your contribution to the success of TOK.

Bill is missed by all who knew him as a friend and fellow artist. He is dearly missed by Will and me as a wonderful father and husband.

Julie DiMichele

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