unorma: universal norms of absurdity / jim leftwich. 2022

UNORMA: Universal Norms of Absurdity
Jim Leftwich
Summer 2022

Venn Diagrams glean presentiment where never the twains shall melt. Therein the Vesica Piscis, renumerable counterfactuals, munerates aeration of comeuppance, until the bittern fends.

First, it must be logical, the absurd must be predictable. To live out on the lawn / You must be honest.

Second: the absurd must be predictable; it must be a replica of itself. Do as I say to do, not as the duly unsaid, which is your duty. Unruly: an unmeasured quantity; the quality of being unmeasuring; a cup of what else, unfulfilled.

Third: the absurd is local. Lies about the absurd are global.

Fourth: go forth and multiple, multiply tables, The Plicate Cult of Mults, fables breathe froth before us — you are complicated; try to contain your selves!

The absurd is polysemic, is nothing if not. But you (You!) must remember: this is not Your Uncle’s Absurdity. You inherit what you invent.

Don’t make me tell you the whole treacherous tale again.