is asemic writing true? / jim leftwich. 2022

The most important and interesting characteristic of asemic writing is its absolute resistance to interpretation.

The value of asemic writing lies in its semantic emptiness, and relies on the genuine frustration experienced during a failed attempt at interpretation, meaning-building, the collaborative construction of meanings.

Success in reading asemic writing implies an inauthenticity, either of the writing and it’s author, or of the reading and its perpetrator.

Authentic asemic writing denies all access to success.

The complete and utter, total failure of an attempted reading is the only acceptable measure of success for any particular instance of asemic writing.

So, to iterate — and reiterate:
1. asemic writing lies?
2. asemic writing re-lies?
3. asemic writing imp-lies?

Please refer to your copy of The Magickal Absurdities Training Manual for answers and/or elucidations.

Asemic writing has a dirty secret, hidden, as usual, in plain sight: it is all a pack of lies, and always has been.

Asemic writing is not a dispensary for recreational truths.

Asemic writing is not a dispensary for medicinal truths.

Asemic writing does not participate in the language game of dispensing truths.

We have a choice where the existential ground of asemic writing is concerned: either we admit it’s non-existence, and celebrate it for not existing, or we lie to ourselves and each other about it’s existence, and through the persistence of our collective effort, bring it — lie it — into being, no matter how provisional, damaged, and ephemeral that being may be.

Today, in the summer of 2022, there is no denying the fact that a great many things in our world are identified by one variety or another of the term asemic writing.

That in itself is good.

The concept of asemic is generative and tolerant. Let’s frolic in its wonderland! With our first mind celebrating it’s ludic absurdity, and our second mind practicing the pleasures it offers in opportunities for critical thinking.