“garbage collection”, by jaap blonk (red fox press, 2021)

For Garbage Collection Jaap Blonk made collages from trash paper and all kinds of cheap stuff. All of them also feature his asemic scribbles, that are distant descendants of the symbols he created for the notation of his sound poems.
Then he processed them digitally – only the colours, not the forms – with many different self-coded algorithms that he developed over the years.


Jaap Blonk (born 1953 in Woerden, Netherlands) is a self-taught composer, performer, poet and visual artist.
His unfinished studies in mathematics and musicology mainly created a penchant for activities in a Dada vein, as did several unsuccessful jobs in offices and other well-organized systems.
In the late 1970s he started to compose music. A few years later he discovered his potential as a vocal performer, at first in reciting poetry and later on in improvisations and his own compositions. From the mid-1990s on Blonk started work with electronics as well.
Since 2006 he has been using mathematics again for algorithmic composition for the creation of music, visual work and poetry.
As a vocalist, Jaap Blonk is unique for his powerful stage presence and keen grasp of structure. He has performed around the world, on all continents. With the use of live electronics and interactive visuals the scope and range of his concerts has acquired a considerable extension.
Blonk’s recorded output comprises some 50 titles: CDs, vinyl, books and cassettes.
From his sound poetry scores he developed an independent body of visual work, which has been published and exhibited.



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