this image actually means “good news”

Usually the adjective “asemic” (=signless) was linked by some dictionaries to “asemia” as a pathologic defaillance consisting in an impossibility of comprehending and expressing words, gestures, sounds. It was not related to the idea of asemic writing.


So, …after twenty years of asemic writing movement, this Cambridge turn looks like a great achievement.


When the first (self-aware) asemic writing mags, sites, books and series started their journey, more than 20 years ago, the actual meaning of “a-semia” ( = a radical “absence of sign”, not an absence of semantic meaning) risked to put aside the very idea which grounded the practice of asemic writing.

On the contrary, now it seems that the use of the word “asemic” is better perceived as referred to an artistic practice, rather than a pathology. (according to Cambridge, at least..).

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