b’tselem calls israel’s policy of occupation “apartheid”

source: facebook.com/186525784991/posts/10160555848604992/

Yesterday, B’Tselem בצלם, the largest human rights group in Israel, published a paper declaring a shift in their language from describing Israel as a ‘prolonged occupation’ to describing it as apartheid. This is an important win for the Palestine movement and a demonstration of the power of Palestinian organizers who have for decades been calling the Israeli state what it is, an apartheid regime.

“Calling things by their proper name – apartheid – is not a moment of despair: rather, it is a moment of moral clarity, a step on a long walk inspired by hope. See the reality for what it is, name it without flinching – and help bring about the realisation of a just future.”

SEE https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/jan/12/israel-largest-human-rights-group-apartheid