“humanizer” print, from brian dettmer

Humanizer, 2020, hand-cut and perforated laser print on archival paper, 7.5” x 7.5” (12” x 12” framed), Edition of 220
It’s time to replace all the men in your old books with a Humanizer print

This is a new project available for humans in 2020 – an edition of 220 hand cut and perforated prints

Each print contains 900 1/4” “human” tabs to replace the “men” in your old books

All humans are connected and human contact is essential

The Humanizer print is an edition of 220 hand-cut and perforated prints that address the need to update the gender bias found in many of our printed books. The word “human” is printed and perforated in a grid to create 900 ¼” tabs. These tabs can be pulled off and glued into an old book to replace references to “man” or “men” with “human”. The Humanizer print works as a conceptual suggestion or concrete poem, but also as a functional object that could actually be used as suggested. The edition of 220 prints allows for a more inclusive perspective in our historic documents while also addressing concerns about the art market and our current economy. The accessibility of these prints flattens the hierarchy of art collecting, allowing more people the opportunity to acquire art and satisfy our human need to be conceptually and physically connected.

Brian Dettmer


Instagram- @briandettmerstudio