Exactly 100 years ago, on 12 April 1919, Walter Gropius signed his contract as Director of the Bauhaus. He united the Grand-Ducal Saxon College of Fine Arts (Großherzoglich Sächsische Hochschule für bildende Kunst) in Weimar formally with the College of Applied Art (Kunstgewerbeschule), which had already been dissolved in 1915, and gave the institution the new name ‘State Bauhaus in Weimar’ (Staatliches Bauhaus in Weimar). The Manifesto – in which Gropius announced his programme with all the emotionalism accompanying the sense of fresh departures after the end of the First World War – was published the same month. Gropius’s signature marked the beginning of the 20th century’s most influential school of art, architecture and design, which today still inspires people around the world.

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