tomislav butkovic on line

net-working will certainly change, continue to become less
experimental and more complex, restricted. I’m part of what Franco
‘Bifo’ Berardi calls the ‘first connective generation’ (juxtaposed by
him to ‘conjugative’ generations which had done things mostly in
person with other people) where I grew up for a time without the
internet (until the late 90s) and then was constantly on it for 8+
hours a day ever since. at that time it seemed easy to talk to
complete strangers via Internet Relay Chat servers based in Malaysia
but with people from all over the world. I was mostly on there to talk
about Anime cartoons and ended up chatting with people ranging from
some strangers about nothing to some guy in Los Angeles who listened
to At The Drive-In and ran a home-made computer lab to some people in
Canada who started their own internet service provider business named
Viroteck. Websites were proliferating across the internet for free or
for a fee like nuclear weapons during the cold war. eventually
post-neos introduced me to mail-art and a certain milieu of networkers
in the late 2000s. most of the work documented on the internet which
is significant to me comes from this last period. the internet became
for me more of a place for sharing real world documentation than the
world to exist in itself, in front of a screen.

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