text / ross priddle

esoterix, neural psychogeography,
alan loney, werther fever, martin
maurer – big duck, jonathan aitken –
margaret thatcher, the sex lives of
siamese twins, lynn alexander – prate –
fuf , fullofcrow dot com, paul
virilio – war and cinema, northern
river reversal, read my lips – schick
and herbenick, deagan grey – dear jack,
boycott divestment and sanctions,
nihini ridge, pessoa – anarchism,
silvano arieti – interpretation of
schizophrenia, theodore lidz, alice
miller, colin ross, richard rhodes – why
they kill, hearing voices movement,
refrigerator mother, paraphrenia,
john bowlby, how to make that first
dollar online, ralph compton – the
alamosa trail, nicholas eliopoulos –
gypsy council, blythe geoglyphs,
midland california, pat brown –
the profiler, paul jankowski – shades
of indignation, crane brinton – the
jacobins, the floodgates of anarchy –
christie and meltzer, rock ten,
seven-fourty-four, rock ten eight
sixty-one, different situations diffe,
salted, ckcl, voorzichtig breekbaar,
it does only concern the braincase,