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57536 buildings

Architecture gives buildings circulatory systems like those in animal
bodies, moving liquids and gasses around and within, through channels
which behave with both regularity and chaos. They shudder and sigh,
palpitate and wretch, squeak and sing, in accord with resonances both
purposeful and accidental.


57529 lake sevan

This series of photographs captures the environs of Lake Sevan, during
both late winter and early summer journeys to the region. The lake
occupies most of the area of the provice of Gegharkunik, Armenia, and is
one of the largest high altitude fresh water lakes in Eurasia.


57520 strange signals

“… I still have no idea if what I experenced was related to one of these
things, or simply the subconscious yearning of our brains to find order
in the chaos, to find the hidden meaning of things. But both instances
are fairly interesting to consider”.