glitchr @ jmvmc

On August 8. Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center presents net artist Laimonas Zakas’ project Glitchr. The artist uses creative programming techniques for creating unique web-based aesthetics, or in the words of the artist – painting, using social networks as a canvas.
In June of 2011, Zakas first encountered with odd combinations of symbols online and conceived a project, taking advantage of bugs in the Unicode system, allowing to add an unlimited number of diacritical marks to one character. Thus it was possible to create a “text”, which extend out of the ordinary web page limits (both Facebook, Google, Twitter etc.), in other words, it was possible to create abstract graphic character textures.
The artist found other creative ways of programming, for example, using Facebook bugs to share distorted social plug-ins, ie chat windows, search windows, animated pictures and other objects. For some time it was even possible to integrate Facebook blue bar into the wall posts, thus creating a kind of visual and conceptual abstractions, in essence, creating an illusion of system failure.
As part of the Glitchr project at JMVAC, Laimonas Zakas along with the video artist Rimas Sakalauskas and electronic musician Miša Skalskis (aka 96WRLD) also presents the mapping part. Video or 3D mapping is a popular electronic medium, usually used as an art form. It is most commonly used for the enormous scale projections on buildings, at various festivals, concerts, as well as integral part of club culture. The projections on a variety of surfaces creates a dynamic visual images to transforma our normal visual world. Mapping techniques transform the use of architectural surfaces of objects known as 4D. This time, Zakas, Sakalauskas and Skalskis created the composition as an independent piece specially for the project at JMVAC.

Opening: August 8. 7.00PM
Exhibition will be open until September 9.
Free entrance.
Jonas Mekas visual arts center. Gynėjų g. 14, Vilnius

text by Kęstutis Šapoka