news from Tonerworks

16 pages of altered touristic postcards of
New York city by the performance and sound
artist from Mainz Germany

color, landscape format 5.5×8.5″ booklet, stitched with staples


Bill DiMichele
Ore of Things
16 pages of collages using a Lord of the Rings
children’s book a source materil by the artist and
editor of Tip of the Knife

color, 5.5×8.5″ booklet, stitched with staples

available from:
or order by mail from
Reed Altemus
P.O.Box 5052, Portland,ME 04101 USA

ALSO:  forthcoming titles by Tizianna Baracchi, Vanci Stirnemann, Peter Dowker, Michael Harford, Alberto Vitacchio, Julia Izmailova and Picasso Gaglione will be available in the coming months