Márton Koppány and Jim Leftwich, Book of Numbers

Márton Koppány and Jim Leftwich, Book of Numbers

Publisher Luna Bisonte Prods
Published November 10, 2011
Language English
Pages 27

Binding Saddle-stitch Paperback
Interior Ink Full color
Dimensions (inches) 5.8 wide × 8.3 tall

pdf available for download here

Márton Koppány and Jim Leftwich’s Book of Numbers is a visual and conceptual collaboration exploring a “vocabulary of correspondences” between letters and numbers. The result is a sequence of words, letters, numbers, patterns, lines, onions, leaves, cayenne peppers, and nails in wood. It all makes sense, or makes several senses, and the pleasure is in tracing those senses through the concepts and images they embody.