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the differx blog — soon a sort of differx project — was born in August 2005, as a place for experimental texts & differ_nces, intervalles et écarts — absolutely different and diverging from the roles and rules and modes and moods of the evergreen mainstream poetry and prose.

differx soon developed into a diffraction grating and undefined halo of objects: a wide series of series of experiments, webspaces, hosting activities (publication).

you can follow its several rays clicking on the links below.

an index with links:


il blog differx — presto una specie di progetto differx — è nato nell’agosto del 2005, come un luogo per testi sperimentali & differ_nze, intervalles et écarts — assolutamente differenti e divergenti dai ruoli e regole e modi e moods della sempreverde poesia e prosa ‘regolare’ (mainstream).

differx si è presto sviluppato come grata di diffrazioni e alone indefinito di oggetti: una ampia serie di serie di esperimenti, spazi web, attività di hosting (pubblicazioni).

se ne possono seguire i numerosi raggi cliccando sui link in calce.

un indice con link:


texts, sound works, images, videos by mg :


DIFFERX (.en .it .fr) — from 2005 up to now

DIFFERX @ tumblr (.en .it .fr) — from 2015 up to now

FLICKR/differx (photos) — from 2007 up to now

DIFFERX_IT (.it) — 2006 up to now

YOUTUBE/differx (vidz) — from 2006 up to now

COUB/differx (loops) — from 2014 up to now

INSTAGRAM/differx — from 2015 up to now

ISSUU/differx (.it .en) — from 2009 up to now

SCRIBD/differx (.it .en) — from 2007 up to now

SOUNDCLOUD/differx (audio) — from 2011 up to now

TEMP.ASEMIC (asemic exhibits @ differx) — from 2013 up to now

FACEBOOK/differx — from 2007 up to now

absent-alpha — from 2007 up to now

XDIFFER (.en) — 2008/2010 [ended in 2010]


hosting activities (publication) :


SCRIBD/differxhost [hosted texts & visual works] (.it .en)

ISSUU + Archive.org / differxhost [hosted texts] (.it .en + vispo)
http://issuu.com/differxhost &

BOX/differxhost (.en .it)
see below

DIYFFERX (printed matter, .en)
see below




hosts & diy :


SCRIBD differx_host_ed
01__John Martone_ A Deciphering_ 2009
02__Biagio Cepollaro_ Disassembled polyptych_ 2009
03__Luca Zanini_ Frammento_ 2009
04__D.-B.Chirot_ Killer Chrome_ 2009
05__Jim Leftwich-A.Topel_ Concept_ 2009/2010
06__G.Evason__Six drawings, four paintings_2009/2010
07__Jim .Leftwich__9 texts from Six Months Aint No Sentence_2011
08__Rosaire Appel__The metabolism of rugs_2009-11
09__Peter Ganick__} Erlebnis_ 2011

10__Jim Leftwich_ Six Months Aint No Sentence (Book 3)_ 2011
11__J.Bennett – M.Stolte__2waycollabS__2011-12
12__J.Bennett – M.Stolte – C.Mehrl Bennett__3waycollabS__2011-12
13__Bill DiMichele__Dark Matter__2011
14__Sarah Edwards_ Harmon-ies(Brokehn)Cracked_ 2012
15__Peter Ganick_ CCI00000_ 2012
16__Tim Gaze_ poetry or pictures_ 2013
17__E. Samigulina – Y. Ilyushchanka_ male-female project_ 2013 .

ARCHIVE.ORG & ISSUU differx_host_ed
01__Roberto Cavallera__Stanza e altro__2010 + issuu and/or pdf file @ slowforward
02__Michele Marinelli__Grandi notizie__2010
 + issuu and/or pdf file @ slowforward
03__Luca Zanini__Rash__2010
 + issuu and/or pdf file @ slowforward
04__Mariangela Guàtteri__Nuovo soggettario__2011 + issuu and/or pdf file @ slowforward
05__Jim Leftwich__tape transfer__2014 + issuu and/or pdf file @ slowforward
06__Fabio Lapiana__hhadsAKK__2014 + issuu and/or pdf file @ slowforward
07__Peter Ganick__realism by an abstract artist__2018 + issuu and/or pdf file @ internet archive

DIYFFERX (printed matter)
01__m. giovenale_  the shape of the field_ 2013 (run: 30 copies, ivory paper; pdf version here)
02__d. beaulieu_ please, no more poetry_ 2014
 (run: 33 copies, ivory paper)

BOX differx_host_ed
01__Jim Leftwich_ Six Months Aint No Sentence_ books 01-50, 51-72 & on & on_ 2013-14-…

draft/issue # 01 (October, 2009)
draf/issue #02 (March, 2010)
draft/issue #03 (December, 2010)
draft/issue #04 (May, 2011)
draft/issue #05 (December, 2011)
draft/issue #06 (July, 2012)
draft/issue #07 (February, 2013)


OTHER (differx) HOSTS are here @ slowforward:
see https://slowforward.wordpress.com/category/hosts/
Maeba Sciutti, Brunella Antomarini & Rosa Filardi, Luigi Di Ruscio,
Francesco Pontorno, Nico Vassilakis, Jim Leftwich,
Mariangela Guatteri, Diana Magallon & Jim Leftwich, Rosaire Appel,
Marco Inguscio

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submissions, notes, ideas, donations via paypal :
mg_img [at] yahoo [dot] it

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