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The gallery is pleased to announce its representation of national artist
collective, Okay Mountain
http://www.markmoor egallery. com/artists/ okay-mountain/

comprised of ten members from Austin (TX), Los Angeles (CA), Chicago (IL), and Cambridge (MA).

Originating as an artist-run alternative gallery space, Okay Mountain:
http://www.markmoor egallery. com/artists/ okay-mountain/, evolved into an
artist collective when its founding members began creating art together
outside of the gallery environs. What began as collaborative drawing
sessions during weekly staff meetings has since developed into a wide
ranging practice, including drawing, video, sound, performance, prints,
zines, murals, and large-scale sculptural installations. Their shared
artworks reveal the unique perspective provided by a group dynamic, give
emphasis to drawing and the artist’s hand, and are always leavened by a
sense of humor, whimsy, and larger-than- life Texan spirit. The collaborative
repackages, reconstitutes and rekindles our consumerist desires with a
sardonic edge. Their installations and multi-media assemblage works mimic
the stock vernacular of our communal materialism, yet tweak them just enough
to reveal our superficial insecurities and convictions.

With new works currently on view at the gallery in Ultrasonic VI:
Appropriate: http://www.markmoor egallery. com/exhibitions/ 2011-09-10_ ultrasonic- vi-appropr/
(on view through October 22, 2011), Okay Mountain is continually included in
notable institutional exhibitions, including those at Blaffer Art Museum at
the University of Houston (TX), Austin Museum of Art (TX), McNay Art Museum
(TX), and Jones Center (FL). The group also has upcoming solo exhibitions at
the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga (TN), and deCordova Sculpture Park
and Museum (MA) in 2012 and 2013, respectively.

Additionally, “Stationary Machines” (2011) – a special project by OKMT
previously shown by the McNay Art Museum (TX) – will travel for exhibition
at the PULSE Contemporary Art Fair, Los Angeles: http://www.pulse- es/
from September 30 through October 3,
2011; a re-staging sponsored by the gallery.

For a full biography or more information about Okay Mountain, please visit
http://www.markmooregaller http://www.markmoor egallery. com