Alphabet of Art @ International House Philadelphia

Opening Reception and Talk by Tanya Storch
Friday, September 23 at 5:30pm

Panel Discussion
Saturday, September 24 at 2pm

Vitaly Komar, artist
Tanya Storch, Associate Professor of Religious and Classical Studies
Gregory Perkel, artist
Alexander Ocheretyansky, publisher

“The most interesting things appear at the intersection of genres, the most dynamic systems are balanced at the edge of dissolution and stagnation, the best books tell of a miracle. The language of words, sounds, outlines, colors, intimations, mysteries pulls us forward.”
– Raphael Levchin, artist

Alphabet of Art includes pieces by 31 artists from 7 different countries. All the artists share an interest in the visual importance of letters, numbers and music and integrate them with other images, creating works where different ideas, principles and approaches to art meet. The exhibition is the first attempt of a larger project to identify the motives which compel artists to go beyond traditional boundaries and will travel throughout the US and the world. In May 2011, Alphabet of Art opened at the Zverev Centre for Contemporary Art in Moscow, Russia

Alphabet of Art is more than an exhibition of fine and innovative modern art. It takes the viewer to a new level of consciousness as it speaks of the universal language of human intelligence.

All symbols – whether they come from our dreams, works of art, or religious rituals – are interconnected. Letters of our alphabets were once pictures inscribed on cave walls, clay tablets and papyrus. Paintings and pictures are just words and letters united in the alphabet of art. – Tanya Storch, Associate Professor of Religious and Classical Studies, University of the Pacific

When we understand that humanity ultimately speaks one language of universal intelligence, that when we envision blood and red paint, we think about sacrifices; when we are hurt and need love, we say “mother;” and when we need to represent the oneness of humanity and the divine, we see a circle. We will realize that peace on earth is possible.

Peace on earth is easier than we think. We just need to choose to speak the language of universal intelligence. This is why Alphabet of Art in Philadelphia, with its thirty-one artists dedicated to raising human consciousness to its highest level, films and lectures elaborating on the use of symbolism throughout human history, is an absolutely must-see.

Exhibited Artists

Polina Andrukovich Sergei Blumin
Michael Bogatirev Tatiana Bonch-Osmolovskaya
Maksim Borodin Alex Bubnov
Tamara Bukovskya Anna Vaskova-Mishina
Eugene Vishnevsky Marco Giovenale
Elvira Zelcman Yury Zmorovich
Juri Kim Sergei Kovalsky
Edward Kulemin Aleksey Lazarev
Rafael Levchin Mikhael Lezin
Liddy Lindsay Valeriy Mishin/Anna Vaskova-Mishina
Asya Nemchenok Alexander Ocheretyansky
Gregory Perkel Mark Polyakov
Renzo Oliva Vitaly Rakhman
Sigitas Sniras Valeriy Silivanov
Vladimir Tolstov Ales Falei
Alexander Fedulov Yelena Yasen
Allen M Hart Vitaly Komar