Thinking Inside of the Box – Boxes, Cases, Kits and Containers from the Permanent Collection http://fluxmuseum.org/fluxhibtion3-intro.html

A year in the making! 130 pages 165+ color plates and several writings.


Fluxhibition #4 – Fluxus Amusements, Diversions, Games, Tricks and Puzzles – will be exhibited October 8-30, 2010 at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center.

See what’s happening so far here: http://fluxmuseum.org/fluxhibition-4/index.html


The Fluxface in Space project is just about ready for exhibit as well. http://fluxfaceinspace.blogspot.com/ 121 artists from 25 countries!


Concurrent with Fluxhibition #4 will also be some version of A Book About Death ; Also New Works by Lanny Quarles and a few things from the newly acquired estate of Nerina Cocchi Zecchini http://nerinacocchizecchini.org/.


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