4 new titles from LRL e-editions

Announcing :

— Harold Abramowitz‘s Technique of Bandaging and Splinting
— Susan Gevirtz‘s Prosthesis : : Caesarea
— Ted Greenwald‘s Permanent Record
— Yedda Morrison‘s Darkness (chapter 1)

Series Editors: C.J. Martin, Ash Smith, and Julia Drescher

The series features both full-length and shorter collections, some reprints and others published here for the first time.

We are offering all of the books as free pdf downloads (http://littleredleaves.com/ebooks/), but have also built sturdier reading copies, which are available through lulu.com. The lulu versions are offered at $2 above cost in order to pay for the maintenance of the Little Red Leaves website, & they’re very handsome! See the site for descriptions/details…