Sheila E. Murphy, COLLECTED CHAPBOOKS (1981 – 2002)

Blue Lion Books announces a new hardback book by Sheila E. Murphy, COLLECTED
CHAPBOOKS (1981 – 2002). A collection of all Murphy’s chapbooks issued
during that period, many out of print and now available in a beautiful
hardcover edition.
“For three decades, Sheila E. Murphy has been been one of the master
architects of American syntax. Those who have read her poems only in
magazines or chapbooks have no idea of their scope, the scale and the depth
of her work. For those readers, this collection will be a revelation. This
is a great book!” — Ron Silliman

“Sheila E. Murphy is indeed a virtuoso bird, one who takes flight through
language at the slightest provocation, carrying her readers with her on long
poetic journey. These poems are about linguistic experience, about music on
the page and in the head, about ideas approached from surprising angles and
made anew, about renewal and revival. Over the last twenty five years I have
continually migrated towards Sheila’s approachable, lyrical and engaging
experiments, basking in the sun-drenched visions she has gathered and made
from the worlds and words about her. Collected Chapbooks is an overdue
delight, a tribute and a publishing event.” — Rupert Loydell

is the web-address for ordering this book. The book has much to merit
purchasing a copy to enrich one’s experience of contemporary poetry. In
reading this book, you will be amazed at the variety of her poetic
discourse, no doubt, in paraphrase, falling in love along with the the spell
of her bright syntax.