EROS/ION by mIEKAL aND + Maria Damon

Eros/ion is a self-eroding, unstable cenotaph indexing love lost by
natural processes of decay, erosion, and circumstance, as well as by
unnatural processes of violence and betrayal. Past and present,
imagination and the everyday world of lived relationship, are re-
activated in aesthetic exorcism. Immersion in a bed of intertexts and
elemental cognates allows the emergence and working-through of
delicate feelings long unexpressed. The collaborative process through
which the text is produced mimics erosive eros, but in a sublimated
haven of words-as-coils, connective tissue, articulated flesh,
divided paths, collided intentions, dynamic misunderstandings and
creative camaraderie. This proximation is a lifeline we walk from the
woods to the kitchen, from the garden to the studio, alone and in pairs.


NTAMO, Helsinki, Finland. Leevi Lehto, publisher.
4.25″ x 6.88″, 97 pages, ISBN 978-952-215-024-0, Photography by
CamillE Bacos,
price € 13,31 plus mailing costs.

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