interview on random texts

– can random texts — for superimposed images or graphic use — be also considered texts-texts or not?

– yes. why not. you may use them with/in several superimposed images. and they spread their meanings all over the page. thay actually change the whole meaning of the frame. but you can also consider them as simple texts and publish their linear aspect or post it anywhere you want. all the practices with signs are allowed, in art. the results are always depending on the beauty [and sometimes consciousness] of the project.

– do those texts-for-art “signify” anything?

– freedom is amazing, isn’t it? you may loose yourself. ANY text may have meanings, or not. “scrittura di scena” or meaningful writings. the important thing XX century has focused is that a pure “graphic mode” is always switched on in our brains; so we catch sense and meanings ‘using’ unpredictable codes coming from a text source code. but we may enjoy the text-text just as it is – as a text and nothing more. the important thing is: is it somehow good? does it bring some click or flickering sense-nonsense?