VANGUARDENING / Reed Altemus and David-Baptiste Chirot




by Reed Altemus and David-Baptiste Chirot

Tonerworks edition

A note from David (see his web page):

This is a project Reed invited me to do with him a few–I think two– summers ago. After I sent in my contributions, he copied them–copier art is a great love of Reed’s, which he practices and is doing continual studies into the art and history of it–and then proceeded to cut up and collage the pieces with additions of his own. I think it came out to be a very fascinating little Visual Poetry book, a series of meditations on the theme and imagery of Death and murder in the poetry of Francois Villon, with moving through it another current, the word/theme of “flow”.

“Flow’ in turn leads one back to a sense of “Flux” as in the Fluxus world Reed and I have both been participating in for many years now.

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Copies are available here:


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Portland, ME

04112 USA

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