flux i shareTHE FLUX I SHARE is a new collaborative webspace where some people meet to share experiments. here’s a selection from a first table of contents:

something like a situationist state of mind. 00
fragments. reduced time. weakness and/or defeat. 01
passages. paris. rome. ny. & anywhere. in any language. 02
“images and visual poems are welcome”. 03
experimental codes are daily stuff. 04
each single day produces (non)sense, superimpositions, etc. 05
prosperous flux(for)us. phosphorus-added googled daydiagrams. 06
reality is enough. don’t double it. overwrite. 07
no performance. no show. install. minimal texts (or not). 08


fluxishare‘s crew: bill allegrezza, gherardo bortolotti, anne boyer, alessandro broggi, david-baptiste chirot, michelle detorie, linh dinh, susana gardner, marco giovenale, k. lorraine graham, jukka-pekka kervinen, jim leftwich, jon leon, sheila murphy, carmen racovitza, joe ross, eric k. rzepka _ e-doppelganger, massimo sannelli, jennifer scappettone, ed schenk, harry k. stammer, xavier stern, ton van ‘t hof, elisabeth workman, michele zaffarano