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Now some notes about the UberTrashung project are up: click on CRASHTEST and see.


The participants are:
*David-Baptiste Chirot (RubBEINGS)
*Heike Fiedler (I refuse)
*Marco Giovenale (CD-K=see decay)
*Laurent Herrou (Litter Letters)
*Clemente Padin (Trash Spamer)
*Carmen Racovitza (Junk Mail Art)
*Kriz Rzepka (Basura, precio)
*Xavier Stern (Litter rature)

The installation

The next issue of CT is also presented as an installation that we call “ÜberTrashung”. This actually is a “trash test”, a 3-dimensional version of our magazine displayed as a heap of junk. Far from remaining static and closed, this installation will hopefully travel and expand. To start with, the only contrainst for submitting was to provide (throw in) examples of art based on (the concept of) rejection, dumping, recycling etc and this includes objects, text-objects and all kinds of poetry (visual, concrete, spatial, spam-po, etc). All contributions were blended with refuse in an attempt to recycle, down-grade poetry and alter its perception, its message, its interpretation. At the same time, our objective is to challenge the notion of ” Magazine ” (nice paper, nice design, beautiful artists with a beautiful inspiration), to make it more lively, chaotic, transitory and disgusting in a sense (why not). We can call it in French “Revue/rebut”.

This is an installation that the readers have to explore by themselves and the key drivers of their search is chance, curiosity and surprise (=überraschung in German). A chance is also given to visitors/readers to alter the place, to move objects around, to add in their own work or to alter existing works in a constructive manner or, on the contrary, by crushing, tearing or adding more junk. This has to become a continuous recycling machinery. Other processes taking place here will be the confusion of languages (language of the media, advertising, consumer industry but also those from various countries) and the confusion of media (object Vs paper; objectivied text Vs poetified object). The reader is free to deny any meaning in this experiment and is very welcome to hate it. Having said that, we would be very happy to observe how they interact with it and what influences their interpretations, feelings, etc (the pieces, the theme, the place, etc)?

For this project, different strategies were put in place:
-To textualise / contextualise / recontextualise: all pieces of junk were systematically altered through the insertion of cut-up phrases and slogans, stories, images, etc
-To package: some of the contributions from various authors were packaged in order to fit their new environment
-To downgrade: some pieces were torn or slashed and thrown into the trash, thus being abandonned or rejected;
-To divert: the whole installation is actually a magazine and should be seen, read, discovered as such
-To compose: the reader will do the job of composing

The UberTrashung installation is presented at the Garage103 (an anti-alter-post-fluxian gallery in Nice/France) from March 17th to May 12th.

Take a look at some photos here.

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