the zswound project

There’s a a new project known as: ZSWOUND (

=> Zswound is a mixilingual experiment which has been (very simply) implemented on a weblog platform. There are three entries:

==1) the blog itself (which is updated once or twice weekly and focuses on a wide range of practises including multlingual writing, pop translation, stolen languages, zaoum, automatically generated texts, etc etc)

==2) the “magazine” (which provides a monthly selection of authors presented on the blog; original works from contemporary writers as well as past references (Artaud, Schwitters) etc))

==3) the Kolkhoze (which is based on a concept inspired by BP Nichols’ Translating Translating Apollinaire: get one text (stimulus) and find as many alterations as we can)

=> Zswound is a work in progress which will remain online for 6-8 months (after that period the founders will decide whether it should be closed or expanded)

=> Zswound is not just about interacting / blending / aggregating languages, it will also look at translation and more particularly “dysfunctional”, homophonic or diverted translation.

=> Zswound, as the name suggests, will not remain on the page but is meant to be expressed and performed. This will be done in a number of places. Hopefully, recordings will be made and added to the site.

=> Zswound was created by CrashTest ( ) which publishes an international magazine dedicated to experimental writing.